Potomac College Online

Founded in 1991 and located at two campuses, one in Washington, DC and the other in Herndon, Virginia, Potomac College is a primarily a higher educational institution. The College offers highly demanding degrees in the fields of Accounting, International Business, Government Contract Management (GCM), Management, and Information Systems, with more than 40 degree specializations in various fields.

The College welcomes vast number of international students from all over the world and possesses multi-dimensional cultural heritage with students of all ages, sex, cultural and educational backgrounds. Potomac College offers practical, professional, skilled and tailored curricula to a diverse community of working adults and students. It’s the goal of college to facilitate education to interested students without the financial barrier.

Potomac College lets students unleash their inner potential and fulfill their educational desires.


Since its foundation in 1991, Potomac College has sustained to offer high quality educational programs leading to the Associate of Science and the Bachelor of Science degrees that are in high demanding fields. Potomac College is unique and distinct in its devotion to one goal—the needs of the working adult.

Teachers work individually with each of the student to establish an academic pathway that best satisfies his or her potential educational needs, and how these needs relate to their selected study course as well as their ultimate professional goals.

The lecture delivery and educational program structure provide specifically to the needs and learning styles of adults and other students. College emphasizes on theory combined with the practical application/experience of theory, which creates a perfect environment to prepare students to succeed in the future world of professional work.

Mission Statement:

Accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, (267) 284-5000, Potomac College is devoted in to provide education and fulfill the educational need of working adults. Since its foundation, the College is struggling to provide quality education that meets today`s world criteria and demand. The mission of College is to deliver quality education to adults with the ease of time and work and prepares them to excel in their remaining future life.

Potomac College – Overview:

Established in 1991, Potomac College is one of the leading colleges in adult`s educational field among other US colleges. The College provides different degree programs to prepare adults to live a leading life in their selected course of study as well as in their profession. Supportive faculty members are provided, eager to help students always with student-centered and course driven classes and education.

Potomac College – Online:

Potomac College had truly understood the needs of education in modern world and it want to facilitate working adults so that they can earn a higher rank in their profession. Therefore, the college is providing education through the resources of World Wide Web to its students. In addition, many helping and guiding facilities are also available so that the students won’t face any difficulty.

Programs Offered:

Potomac College offers various accredited degrees in different fields of following programs:

1.    Bachelor of Science Degree Programs
2.    Associate of Science Degree Programs
3.    Advanced Professional Certificates
4.    General Professional Certificates
5.    Online Programs

Classes of Online Programs:

Here’s the type of classes what we offer in our online program:

100/200 Level Courses:

1) ENGL101 – English Composition I
  • 3 credits (General Education)
2) ENGL 102 – English Composition II
  • 3 credits (General Education)
3) MATH 100 – Fundamental of Mathematics
  • 3 credits (General Education)
4) MATH 110 – College Algebra
  • 3 credits (General Education)
5) SCIE 107 – Health Science
  • 3 credits (General Education)
6) PHIL 240 – Ethics
  • 3 credits (General Education)
7) ECON 201 – Economics
  • 3 credits (General Education)
8) POLS 215 – Politics, Parties and Interest Groups
  • 3 credits (General Education)
9) PSYC 201 – Principles of Psychology
  • 3 credits (General Education)
10) SOC 201 - Introduction to Sociology
  • 3 credits (General Education)
11) SOCI 233 – Cross-Cultural Communications
  • 3 credits (General Education)

Quote of the Day

"The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change"
(Carl Rogers)