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Over and above 150 years Saint Joseph University has been developing minds, abilities and skills of both man and women to successfully compete and achieve the required excellence in the competence world of modern technology and modern  disciplines. Saint Joseph is one of 129 schools which have a Phi Beta Kappa chapter and AACSB business school accreditation. Saint Joseph's is home to 4,550 traditional undergraduates, 720 adult College of Professional and Liberal Studies students, and 2,780 graduate and doctoral students. The academic environment provided in the University is steeped down in the enriched Jesuit tradition of care of the entire person.

Students of Saint Joseph University emit passionate and energetic Spirit. At the University student`s intellectual abilities are challenged by immersing them in a competing environment that requires a dedication to achievement and encourages them to live their lives with an enduring Purpose, by aspiring and committing to help make the world a better place to live.


Back in 1741, Rev. Joseph Greaton, S.J., the first resident pastor of Saint Joseph's Church proposed and planned a Jesuit College in Philadelphia. Rev. Felix Barbelin, S.J., served the University as its first president. The faculty of Saint Joseph's College was first formed by Barbelin and four other Jesuits formed. The first class was assigned to a number of 32 young men who studied in the morning of September 15, 1851 in a building adjacent to the church. Before the end of year 1851, the enrollment rose from 40 students to 98 students and in the following year, after the college received its status of incorporation from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, number of students grew to 126. In 1856 moving to the building in Juniper and Filbert Streets, the College got established in Philadelphia and then to a wealthy residential area near the future site of City Hall. Till July 24, 1978, The College had earned the name of University by the Secretary of Education of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Then with the time, this prestigious University became stronger and stronger in academics and now it has earned the fame of some leading universities in United States.

Mission Statement:

The Mission of the University is to create a love for learning and need for highest intellectual and professional achievements; moral behavior and character reflecting true Christian values; and a changing commitment to social justice. The faculty at Saint Joseph University has established an effective and rigorous teaching style to develop excellence in both undergraduate and graduate education in all disciplines. In ways consistent with its nature as a university, Saint Joseph's espouses the educational priorities of the Society of Jesus which include: searching for God in all things, pursuit of the greater good, the service of faith together with the promotion of justice, and effective compassion and affection for the poor and those in need.

Saint Joseph University – Overview:

Founded in 1851, and one of only 129 schools with a Phi Beta Kappa chapter and AACSB business school accreditation, Saint Joseph's is home to 4,550 traditional undergraduates, 720 adult College of Professional and Liberal Studies students, and 2,780 graduate and doctoral students. At Saint Joseph University Students are taught to excel and become future leader with excellent positive behavior.

There are certain different courses offered by the University in the majors of undergraduates and graduate.

Online Programs:

The University offers following online programs:

1.    Degrees
  • Masters in Business Intelligence
  • Masters in Criminal Justice
  • Master in Instructional Technology
  • Masters in Secondary Education
  • Masters in Special Education
  • Masters in Health Administration
2.    Certificates
  • Behavior Analysis Certificate
  • Homeland Security Certificate
  • Instructional Technology Certificate
  • Online Accelerated Teacher Certificate (OATCERT)
  • Online Wilson Reading System Certificate
  • Special Education Certificates

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