Benefits of Online Education over Campus based Education

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Benefits of Online Education over Campus based EducationTHE DEBATE

Online education or traditional campus based education – which one is better? Well, this is a debate though. However some important features are evinced out in this article. An on-campus based education is a typical class room education where an instructor is in front of the whole class and several AV-aids are used to convey the message. This was considered to be one of the finest means of imparting the educational knowledge but with the evolution of technology and especially the internet, things have changed a lot. It is possible for the students to get education online without going to any class room or campuses. Definitely, it is one of the vital developments in the field of education where according to recent American strata; 4.6 million of students take at least one online by the fall of term in 2008 where a 17% of increase was shown next year and this number is increasing. 


It is pretty evident that the online education is the popular choice of the new age students. Online education has certain benefits over campus based education; where some of them are highlighted below;

A. One of the biggest benefits of online education is that via online portal, education is now accessible for millions of people who are unable to attend the schools for numerous reasons. People are not bound by the geographical limits as they do not have to travel any where to get the course finished or attend the class.

B. Similarly the campus based education was carried out in a relatively rigorous atmosphere where the proper disciple of boarding, lodging was to abide by. Similarly classroom has its own ethics and the pertinent culture is to be practiced in the college, however the online system has diminished such rigid structure.

C. The level of convenience that the online based education offers has no comparison with that of campus based study. You can take the course anywhere in the world – at your home, office, park etc. All what is required on your part is to have a computer and an internet connection and some sort of software for on-board group sessions etc (in some cases) and this is easily obtainable from the university you are enrolled with or by communicating with your instructor. The feedback session is pretty handy as there is a discussion board where you can put on questions any time and you get the relevant answer from the instructor and similarly a group altogether can take part in the discussion board which indirectly forms a group study.

D. The online schools offer a variety of degree programs as compared to campus based schools.

E. It is one of the best means for a shy and reluctant student who hesitates to communicate in classroom. Here you can communicate via email, chat etc with your mates, instructor or the evaluator. In fact communication is much easier than the local campus based schools.

Most of all, the online based degree is recognized all over the world and is given equal credence as like other degrees. Unlike the class room’s limited seats available, the seats are mostly unlimited via studying online so this unique experience can prove out to be one of the best measures to gain knowledge at your own pace and place.

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