10 Simple Ways to Super Charge Brain before Online Exam

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10 Simple Ways to Super Charge Brain before Online ExamExamination is the most crucial part in the study course. All students who may not study during regular class days and in test surely study in their examination period. Passing the exams is considered to be very tough if you haven`t studied from beginning and passing is essential in examination to get further with your studies. In general the set passing percentage in most of the courses and the institutes is 50%. ​
Exam constitutes of two parts, one is of subjective and the other one contains objective part. But there are some exams that are entirely subjective. To ensure passing in exam, student must consider the following 10 techniques to super charge their brains before taking an online or any other exam.

1.    Sleep:

Though most of the students regret this but sleeping is very important in examination. Taking an enough time to sleep keeps you and your mind as fresh as a morning drew on leaf. One day before exam, students must sleep all night. This helps them to release all tensions and make their minds relax and healthy.

2.    Morning:

Morning routine of the student effects very much on their exams. Some eat plenty of food while some do not; some drink plenty of water while some do no and most of the students revise in the morning. These are some major issues. According to the professionals and psychiatrists, students must keep their whole body free and relax in exams. That is why revising in the morning of exam gives you more tension and stress.

3.    Eating Less but Healthy food:

In the same way, eating a lot or even none also makes your body go in wrong conditions and it may not work in a perfect way. To make your mind work perfectly with your body eat light and healthy food, that can be digested easily and drink enough water that does not create any exam stress. According to scientist, chocolates and coffees are some most effective foods that help keep you in good mood and fresh in exams.

4.    If you desperately want to study more:

If you desire to study more and can`t hold yourself away from all this then the best way is to listen recorded notes and other material while doing all your work like washing dishes, getting ready for something or driving. Because according to scientists, people learn and memorize more by listening again and again than by reading only.

5.    Confidence:

Confidence is the key to success to anything. A confident but less prepared student may do well in exam than a confused and more prepared student. This is because, a confident student will obviously make less mistakes and will choose what to right perfectly but a confused student may on the other will make stray marks, get confuse in figures and stress of failure on his mind won`t let him do well in exams. Therefore, being confident that you can pass the exams and enough preparation are two vital steps to success. Just think that it is your last chance for everything and to prove yourself and have confidence in it and just act like a brave soldier not afraid of death.

6.    Meditate:

Meditate yourself to avoid any extra stress on your mind before exam. Try making you mind stress free by doing anything that please you or take medicines if you have to

7.    Vitamins:

Vitamins help you boost up your energy and your mind thinking potential. Take vitamin supplements to get energetic

8.    Preparation:

Taking exam whether online or on paper needs preparation. This means that you should get prepared properly for it and should get all the things you need in exam get ready before the exam day. This won`t let you hassle on the last minute and also saves time.

9.    Quiet time:

After enough preparation take some time off and remain quite in that time. Try re-remembering the important points and go through all your preparation in couple of minutes. This automatically gets you in-line with your exam.

10.    Mind storming:

The problem with 99 percent of the students is that though they are very well prepared but when the see their question papers they forget everything. Then they start to panic and exam goes very wrong. Return to previous step, you should have confidence in yourself, do not read the paper in full at the first time because that will make you confuse. Take a bird`s eye of the question paper and brain storm your mind. This is the key to success. When you look at the paper and try to remember everything prepared suddenly you get confused and you don`t get a clue where to start. To avoid this read the first question and make a sketch of it in your mind that what is being asked and what you are going to answer. This process is called brain storming.

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