Building a Great Relationship with Your Boss

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A time will come when you have to report to a person known as boss. A good relationship with a manager is very important for success in your career. It’s true that managers have more information but since you are the one to provide him, it is your job to give him every single thing he wants and if you fail to do so your manger will not shine in his overall responsibilities.

Some mangers are more like bad bosses and others have no idea what you want to achieve the goal. So, managing is challenging but it is worthy in the end. To make a supportive relationship with your boss you have take some steps for a positive ongoing.

First of all you have to win the trust of your boss. Relationship of any type is always based on trust. Never hide anything from your boss always keep him/her up to date about the project and interact with rest of the organization. Fulfill all of your commitments on time and if you make a mistake tell your boss about it because lies will lead to stressful results.
Share everything with your boss as he/she has been through same life experience like you are having now.

Look for best parts

Every person in this world has some positive and negative points and same goes with your boss. When you are focusing on negative points this just like you are spotting out his/her worst traits. Tell your boss what needs to be done to be the best and make him/her feel valued because this will drive you and your organization towards success.

Improve through feedback

Ask your boss to give you feedback. Let your boss be your mentor and make sure that he/she knows what you have accomplished. A feedback will help you to overcome your weakness. Ask your boss to give you some advice so that you can focus on the main points. Remember that an excellent performance will lead to good relationship.

Disagreements with your Boss
Sometimes you may find some disagreements with your boss and it may get emotional but surely doesn’t mean that you have some grudges and start to threat him/her for leaving the job. Having a disagreement is fine but leaving is not. One you should understand is that your boss has more power than you and he/she knows better what and where to do. Besides you will always get your way.

Do more
One of the best ways to have good relationship with your boss is that you do more than expected. If you know the exact time of your boss’s arrival than be prepared for everything e.g. read all the mails, screen out the junk one’s, separate the sports section and spread it on the table, make the important calls especially the appointment calls and make sure that your boss can rely on you anytime because this will get you promotions and bonuses etc. So get yourself involved in everything you can.

Apply these powerful steps and soon you will find out in a good relationship with your boss with strong trust, even if you cannot stand him still he/she will prove to be effective for your career growth and also as a success for your organization.

Quote of the Day

"Getting things done is not always what is most important. There is value in allowing others to learn, even if the task is not accomplished as quickly, efficiently or effectively"
(R.D. Clyde)