Online Admission Procedure in 6 Simple Steps

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Different institutes have different admission criteria which are usually all lined out in the application forms. But generally the steps involved in any admission process are common. To get enrolled in an online distant learning educational institute for an online degree, follow the following 6 steps and make it easy and save your time.

Scenerio 1 – Search the course, university and apply:

Step 1:
First step is to select which degree you want to peruse, for this you may search through internet for all relevant courses that interests you and then search that in which school, college or university you want to study then visit the relevant university site and read out the instructions in the application form under admissions tab.

Step 2:
After a quick overview in step 1, print out the application form and procedure details and read them carefully. You`ll notice that most of the institutes provide a link on their application forms to get a hard copy. You may start from filling a hard copy by your own hands before you go for the final online application form.

Step 3:
After filling the application form, consider the application processing fees. This is non-refundable fee and varies from college to college but generally is in the range of $20 to $80.

Step 4:
Most of the colleges require your previous school or college to send them the transcript of your previous educational degree or certificate. If you yourself want to submit that you should and have to submit the original one and not the photocopy.

Step 5:
99% of the colleges requires you to submit your SAT or ACT test scores or an essay. Draft an essay on a separate paper and make sure that it has no mistakes in it for example; grammatical mistakes or spelling mistakes and then paste it in the application form.

Step 6:
Gather all your supplement materials and review your application form to make sure that it`s filed correctly and submit your application. Application processing will usually take 2 to 3 weeks. So, you should allow enough time to get your application get processed and wait for the results. Best of Luck for your admission!

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Scenario 2 – Search the University, courses offered and apply:
In this scenario, few steps changes as follows:

Step 1:
Search through a wide array of universities and then select the best among them. Then look for the courses the university is offering. You may find undergraduate courses, graduate courses, certificates and diplomas, doctorate degrees and many more; select the one which best suits you. Then continue through step 2 described in “scenario 1”.

Scenario 3 – Search for the financial aid first and then the university:

Another scenario might involve the searching of financial aid at the very first step. Most of the students look for financial aids to reduce their educational expenses as they are sometimes unable to afford that. Therefore the change in steps will be as follows:

Step 1:
Search the financial aid organization from which you want to get aid. There are many organizations available and some universities also offer financial aids to eligible students. After selecting your appropriate organization for getting aid, look for the universities for which the organization provides the aid because some organization only works in collaboration with some of the universities rather than all.

You can find these universities in the affiliated universities tab on the website. Then select the best university for you and then go by scenario 2. The other way around is that, you search the course which you want to study and the university offering that and then you apply to the relevant university after applying for financial aid. After this the procedure would be the same as described above.

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