Free Education, A thing of the Past!

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The developing world has always been a great advocate of free education, as it has been the only source through which people can guide themselves out of the clutches of poverty and ignorance. Most of the developed world also favored the arrangement. Countries like Germany and Sweden provided free education to the local and international students in their countries. However things have changed now, Germany has forgone this tradition of free education and Sweden is following suite by placing some sort of fee on the academic institutions. This takes us to our topic that free education is a thing of the past and students worldwide now have to pay something to fill their academic expenses. ​

Reasons Behind these Actions

Multiple reasons can be attributed to these changes; we would like to present a few prominent ones. Firstly, majority of the developed world feels threatened by the exploitation of this free academic institution by students from the developing world like China and India. This is the major reason we see huge influx of Chinese and Indian nationals in these countries coming in thousands for the dream of a better future. Secondly, majority of the countries face severe economic crisis which have forced them to take this action of cutting down on educational fee. Thirdly, major of the people in these countries wanted for international students to pay for the facilities they enjoy while residing abroad. This was one of the reasons Britain raised its fee for non-European nationals multiple time to those who were from Britain and European Union. The last difference recorded was something of around 10,000 pounds for international students in an undergraduate program, from an average university, as compare to 2500 pounds for local students.

Perceived Effects

The developing world already is suffering for the lack of adequate facilities for the ever increasing population in their countries and it is to some extend impossible for them to provide quality education totally free of cost. The developed world has also retracted its support in this regard and has significantly failed in assessing the fact, as to how important the students are in their research and economic projects. It is by no means a win-win situation for any one; everyone is losing something while gaining the little advantage of saving money at the cost of students with exceptional brains.

The Silver Lining

With the developed world shying away from free education and not assisting students in their approach to higher and quality education. They are, in fact, helping the developing world overcome the plague of brain drain. The developing countries can now advocate to these young minds upon the benefits of staying in their own country and harvesting the benefits of helping their countries instead of what their predecessors did for the developed world.  Currently majority of the people are undertaking unemployment issues in the US and Europe and using them to feed more student body into institutes in China and India. This presents for a great opportunity for the developed world to harvest these young mind and built upon them to get what the developed got for their services.

Quote of the Day

"Who dares to teach must never cease to learn."
(John Cotton Dana)