Education and its Changing Shapes

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Traditional Education System

In Aristotle’s times education was just, getting into an argument with someone and impressing upon other, the importance of knowledge and getting other to agree to your point of view, through knowledge. These were the times, in which examination was largely seen as a hindrance, in the natural flow of education and Aristotle himself played down the importance of examination.

Modern Classrooms

With the onset of the modern education system, classrooms were specifically designed with the sole purpose of imparting education to students, followed by the concept of testing or examining the credentials of the students. The examinations were largely recognized as the important feature of the modern education system, which students had to pass in order to secure for them a higher rank in the education system. The classrooms have stayed for most of the 19th and 20th century with newer innovation that were added into these spaces. The changes largely were based on the advancement in technology, multimedia systems, the availability of telephonic conversation and internet to ensure the availability of quick and accurate information into the systems ensured its long lasting nature. Class rooms continue to survive in the 21st century with the advancements that are being managed into the system.

Distance and Online Learning

With the onset of video conferencing and innovation in the field of information technology, education and its related fields took a drastic turn. The institutions seemed to have picked up the early advantage of incorporating information technology and have provided for their students a chance to undertake education from the safety of their homes or any secure area. This online academic system has changed the manner in which people would resort to learning in the past times. People can now educate themselves while studying from the comfort of their homes, while it eliminated most of the costs of travelling, time and also lessens the monetary cost as the same time. The system can enable for institutions to provide quality education into places where people would never have had dreamed of. Take the example a student in India who takes an online course from the Harvard Institute while studying in New Delhi. Take the example of Muslim and Jew students being taught their religion from clerks in Israel or Mecca. This system has a lot of space and potential for growth and will rise to dominate the class room system in the near future.

Quote of the Day

"A liberally educated person meets new ideas with curiosity and fascination. An illiberally educated person meets new ideas with fear"
(James B. Stockdale)