Concentration of Academic Brilliance in the Developing World

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​The Concept of Professions

Let’s say for engineering, a large number of Indian and Chinese engineers and scientists are working in NASA as well as other large corporations of international importance. What if they come back to their respective countries? They will act as the direct source of technology transfer. On the other hand the salaries and wages for engineers in China and India are far less than those in USA and Canada increasing the probability of outsourcing. Secondly the university in china and India are working hard on inducting new talent China produces about 600,000 engineers an year while India follows suit by producing 350,000 engineers as compared to the 70,000 engineers being produced in USA. These statistics are indeed horrifying.

Harding Working

I once remember meeting a Pakistani Physician who happened to move to the United States in search of a better future. He told me that he would earn about a hundred times more in the United States than back in Pakistan. Surprisingly, I met him again a month back and he narrated that time has changed and he planned on going back to his own country soon. My question was irrevocably why? You earn so much in United States? The response was astonishing…. He answered not any more….. The same is true for many other doctors who came to the United States from India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Outsourcing and its Effects

As discussed earlier people in India and China are more than just willing to work on the same projects at far lower remunerations as compared to their American counterparts. The minimum hourly wage in United States is 7.25 Dollars and hours. While people in India would be pleased if they are paid 2-3 dollars for the same job and so is the case with China. This is the major reason why majority of the call center services and other medical services are largely being outsourced to India for the availability of cheap manpower. China is also reaping the benefits of undervalued currency as to the fact that majority of the multinationals are closing their manufacturing units in the developed part of the world like Europe and United States and are moving to China.

Academic Concentration

The students in the developing world have growing confidence in their countries these day and many have negated the concept of going and working abroad. The concentration of academic brilliance in the developing world will yield its effects on the developing world and are mostly likely to influence the west in the most horrible manners possible.

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