What Are You Worth? How To Use Your Performance Review to Your Advantage

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Read Carefully!

The first and foremost action need to be taken is the careful and detailed reading of your job performance review. Most of us usually “dame care” about whatever is written in the evaluation statement and through it in the nearest bin; that is the first thing you need to avoid. Read carefully whatever your employer has stated and whatever he meant in between silent sentences! Then judge your performance on those grounds which he has done and try to come up with the any possible loosening from your side.

Be Open!

Always be rational and open while evaluating your job performance on the basis of evaluation sheet, as nothing is perfect! Everything and everyone has a chance to improve, so try to be enlightened with such week areas of yours. It is not necessary that you have to agree with every written word as it is from Boss, because “Boss is always right!” Instead, you have to locate in the written, whatever is right and try to come over it to ensure its disappearance from the next performance review!

Always Respond!

Another important thing we all have to learn is a quick, precise, rational and objective response to every job evaluation report. It can’t be cent percent right, or completely bogus. So care fully mention everything what you feel about the report. First mention those things with which you agree to be improved within yourself and give some hints of certain steps you are planning to take about them. Then write about the things which you feel a bit irrational and try to clarify any possible misunderstanding.
Never hesitate to ask questions regarding any ambiguity affecting your job performance review!

Plan the future!

After you’ve gone through the performance review and know what is right and what is wrong, try to make an actionable plan for near future job concerns, so that you can avoid the pervious mistakes and misunderstandings to happen. Writing the points on a clean white paper and placing it right in front of your working desk, anywhere prominent, can help a lot in forbidding you to make pervious mistakes. Take control of the things disturbing you and try to evaporate them one by one, from your work line!

Look Forward!

While the company is reviewing your performance, always remember, it is also the perfect time for you to review your job! The review comes up good or bad, in either case, it gives you a chance to reevaluate your professional skills, experience, and efficiency and of course, the returning benefit. (Resigning is always a better option than getting fired!)

Points to ponder!

  • Never ever discuss your performance reviews with your coworkers. If they are good, they can create a certain amount of professional jealousy. And if by chance, they are bad, they can give other a clear chance to smile at you.
  • Never loose temper in responding your performance report. The person evaluating you is also a human being and can make mistakes. If he has done so, try to clarify them to him in a civilized manner. 
  • Never let your performance review hide in your lockers! Always keep an eye on it and compare every pervious with the next one to sneak a healthy chance of improvement.

Quote of the Day

"Experience is a great advantage. The problem is that when you get the experience, you're too damned old to do anything about it"
(Jimmy Connors)