What Really is Online Education?

Internet is one of the resplendent revolutions that we, the generation of ‘baby boomers’ are replete with. Whether you consider any aspect of life, belonging to any profession, lifestyle etc, you ought to use internet for the germane purposes. Amongst the various aspects, that internet has changed in our lives i.e. shopping online, earning online, banking online etc; one is ‘acquiring education online’, at our place, at our pre-set convenient time and most importantly at our own pace. No matter you are a high school student, under graduate, or intend to go for your post graduation degree, you can simply get acquire it online, the same way as you go at some campus to do so. It is more or less just exactly the same as to obtain a degree by physically attending a school of your stream.


The reason why this idea was implemented was to nurture some causes; (1) those pupils who reside far from the campus, but seek to continue their education. (2) Those pupils who can not meet up the high tuition fee but seek to obtain some professional degree, certificate, (3) The students who work part time, and can not attend to the school full-time and last but not least (4) People who are over aged to attend any school to obtain a degree (because there is no age limit to enroll your self online to major in any stream). Besides these, there are several other reasons that why people seek to study online, like family obligations, lack of confidence etc.
Just like the physically obtained degrees, the online degrees too are accredited, accepted and are authentically recognized educational qualifications which are accepted by every employment sector. As far as the institution is accredited with the US education department, there is no problem in getting enrolled with it. There are fully accredited programs ranging from formal degrees to professional courses in all streams; from law, medicine, management to psychology, agriculture, and computer sciences etc. And every person after obtaining a degree is found to be working in the particular sector where he/she has graduated in.


Online education comprise of the mechanism that the following methods are used;
  • email
  • chat
  • forums
  • audio / video streaming
  • instructions manual
Just like the tradition study, online studying is the same. Either you have got recorded lectures of the instructor and you are given a schedule per day and relative assignment to monitor your performance, or you listen to live streaming (video / audio) of the lecturer at a specific time, just like a class room but geographically separate from him/her. Just like conducting group study, there are discussion forum where students communicate with each other, put forward their concerns, problems and issues and carry on communicating just like in class. Regarding issues, or concerns, an email can be sent to the instructor and he/she responds to your queries within a specific time which is just like cross questioning in an actual class room. In addition, the instructor also takes part in that thread discussion giving potential feedback to the students and can also be said as running conversation between the students and the teacher.

Quote of the Day

"Education makes people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern, but impossible to enslave"
(Henry Peter Broughan)