Can Online Credits be Transferred to Traditional Colleges

One of the myths connected to online degrees is that their credits can not be transferred to traditional schools or colleges. You should know it is not the case. Credits of online degrees are as much transferable as credits earned from traditional colleges. Though, it is not a very easy job but with proper planning and precautions online credits can be transferred to traditional schools/ colleges.
There are many students who do not get admission in their desired bachelor degree program for numerous reasons such as they do not have good grades or they can not afford to pay for a college or a university bills. Such students are more likely to opt for online associate degrees. These degrees allow them to improve their grades or in other case help them to improve their financial situation by allowing them to work side by side. After finishing online degrees they tend to transfer their credits to traditional colleges in order to complete the degrees that they failed to join earlier. So, this gives them a second chance to fulfill their dreams.

Following steps will help you in transferring your credits to traditional colleges.

1.    To be able to get your credits transferred you must need to plan your online degree before hand. First of all you should do some research about the traditional degree that you want to pursue eventually.   This will help you choose the online degree with similar courses so that they can easily be transferred. As most of the universities allow only those courses to be transferred which are related to the opted degree.

2.    Admission advisors are the best help that you may acquire if you want to get your credits transferred to traditional college. These advisors may help you achieve your target. They will guide you selecting online courses which are most likely to be transferable for your desired degree. Being in contact with admission advisors also shows them your determination in joining their college.

3.    Be careful with time and do not waste it. Many colleges and universities do not accept credits earned six or seven years ago. So, do not take that long to complete your online degree.

4.    It is also suggested to score well in your online degrees as some colleges do not accept lower grades. To be on a safer side it is advised to score better than C grade.

5.    Most of the colleges don’t allow students to transfer more than 50 percent of the credits. You must choose wisely about which courses you want to be transferred.

6.    Beware of non-accredited institutions as credits earned by these institutes will not be accepted by any college or university. You may ask the admission advisor to identify whether the online school that you are planning is accredited or not.

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