Myths About Online Degrees (Distance Learning)

Myths About Online Degrees (Distance Learning)Many students who are considering of taking online degrees are very much concerned about the worth of online degrees. Above all they get cold feet when they hear numerous myths about distant learning. You should know that there are many people who are afraid of changes. These people try to suppress every upcoming and revolutionary idea hence they come up with weird myths and spread them. It is the same case with all the upcoming myths about online degrees. So, we have tried to narrow down the mostly heard myths and have tried to clarify them:

Online degrees are not accredited. It is not true for all the online degrees. There are a lot of colleges who have accreditation certificates and their online degrees are respected around the world. You just have to be a little careful and do research before selecting your online college and make sure that it is accredited one.

  • Only low budget colleges offer online degrees. It is very much possible to get an online degree from well established and good ranking colleges or universities. Universities like Harvard and Texas A&M University are one of the top ranking universities who offer online degrees. This simply over rules this myth as there are numerous accredited universities which offer accredited online degrees. 
  • Online degrees are very costly. Well what to say about people who spread such myths. The true concept of online degrees is to create ease and comfort for students who do not afford the expenses of traditional colleges. Online degrees are not only less costly but also enable students work side by side in order to pay the university fee. 
  • Companies do not prefer to hire candidates with online degrees. It is simply not true. Studies have shown that students taking online degrees tend to perform better than the students of traditional colleges. As they are more independent and are more prone to self education. Employers around the world are also well aware of this fact and now they are being more interested in hiring online students because they pick up their jobs very quickly and do not need to be spoon fed.
  • Credits earned from online colleges are not transferable. If you follow a few simple steps then online credits can easily be transferred to traditional colleges. First of all you should select an accredited online degree. Secondly you should opt for those courses which are related to the degree that you want to pursue eventually. If you follow these two points then you will not face problem while transferring your credits.
  • Online degrees are easier than traditional degrees. It is just another way to let down the online students. Please be clear about one thing that accredited online degrees follow exactly the same course outlines as the traditional degrees do. So there is no difference in the contents of the courses hence from nowhere online courses are any easier. It is the beauty of online degrees that they enable and help students to learn all those things that other students learn in the boundaries of class rooms. This makes online students more independent.

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