Myths Vs Facts of Online Degrees


In the beginning every upcoming and revolutionary idea has to face a lot of criticism. This is very unfortunate but this is how our world goes. Similarly online degrees are facing a lot of problems and these are mostly because of myths. Myths are stories or legends without facts or authentic origins. So we will suggest that you should not get carried away with these myths but try to find out the facts. A few myths and facts negating them are given below.


Myth# 1: Online degrees have lower quality of education than traditional degrees.

Online degrees have same curriculum and subject contents as of the traditional degrees. So, whether its students of traditional colleges or of online colleges they both study and learn same things. Secondly, education boards have a close eye on online colleges. Thus online colleges have to maintain their education standards and meet the requirements of education board to be accredited.

Myth# 2:
Online degrees are not given credit by employers.

Fact: With advancement in time many employers have started to recognize online degrees as proper accredited degrees. They give equal credit to online as well as to traditional students. Whenever you look at some job ad or fill in job application you see no differentiation between online or traditional degree. Hence, they show no partiality. So, you need not to worry you will not have any disadvantage due to online degree while getting job.

# 3:
Students get very less outside help in online studies.

Fact: While taking online courses mostly students have to self educate themselves but this does not mean that they are totally isolated. Online students can ask for help or instructions from their advisors or teachers through mails. They can also seek help from their instructors through video conferencing and skype. Hence, they are not left alone to learn by their own

# 4:
Online studies are easier with respect to traditional ones.

Fact: As it has been mentioned that online degrees have same curriculum and course outlines so contrary to this myth online degrees are tougher as students have to rely on a lot of independent studies.

# 5:
: Students may study whenever they want.

There are many different online schedules in some of them students can study whenever they want according to their convenience but in others they have to follow proper schedule as traditional students do. In such programs their might be live necessary to attend live lectures and meeting deadlines for assignments and quizzes.


Quote of the Day

"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education"
(Mark Twain)