Six ways to perform excellent Research for Academic Writing

Six ways to perform excellent Research for Academic WritingIt is pertinent to understand that if one has the skill to excel in academic writing, then they should perform excellent research to match it with.

Despite the myriad of scholars who excel at academic writing abilities, they admit their main challenge is to perform research prior to their writing. This is in context with all forms of scholarly assignments, from essay writing, to dissertations and theses. The problem is not that they are unaware of research requirements; it is mainly that they do not follow the primary steps to research and consequently face confusion by the middle of it. This is one of the main reasons why some scholars tend to choose a topic they are already familiar with, rather than select a new one. While this may be necessary to focus on when pursuing their postgraduate degree, it is not essentially contributive towards individual learning and towards the research in general.


Scholars need not shy away from new topics if they are able to grasp the full extent of what it takes by using the exploratory approach. By this, one can begin from researching according to keywords, and then move deeper to uncover or discover more complex aspects of the topic.
A major concern for scholars is also on failing to follow the advice of their supervisor and peers. Their input should be considered valuable and which will make a considerable difference e not only in easing the way of research, but also the written content.
The research design must contain all the important points in order to create a good research proposal. Highlighting the purpose of research centered on the design will significantly help readers understand why the particular topic was chosen and the expectations of the research through its objectives.
It is also necessary to make ample use of both conventional and the latest technological resources in order to provide updated research data as well as cover various perspectives in the specific topic. The digital library as well as the brick and mortar are undoubtedly rich sources, but one can often come across some very important aspect of the topic that may be contained in conference articles or papers, and even the lectures. If one is given the opportunity to attend them may be ideal, and if that is not possible, then it is advisable to request a copy from the organization concerned.
Media, while it may not prove to be wise sources, nevertheless are a good way to formulate one’s views with regard to the research. Video documentaries are one of the options to consider as serious research as it provides a visual insight into a specific subject of study.
Research no longer has to be a lonesome experience. In today’s digital era, the best way to stay informed is to connect and share knowledge. Educational scholars are therefore recommended by their universities to form extensive connections, online and physically, with others who are experienced in the area of study. These connections may be formal or informal and on various social platforms.

Six ways to perform excellent Research

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