Online Chemistry Degree Programs

It’s because of the chemistry that we have new substances and materials. Chemistry plays a vital role in our advancement and current life. There are a lot of eatable, and usable things in our daily life that were not possible if advancement in a=chemistry was not there. From chemicals to drugs and medicines, one can find the involvement of chemistry in almost every product that we have now.

Average Earning of Chemist

Online chemistry degree programs allow you to be a part of this demanding career and let you earn a handsome amount with respect. According to American Chemical Society (ACS) an average chemist can earn up to an average of:
  • US $62,000 for bachelors of chemistry degree
  • US $72,300 for masters of chemistry degree
  • US $90,000 or more for Doctors of chemistry degree

Following are professional sublets of chemistry which you can opt.

  • Chemistry teacher
  • Analytical chemist
  • Organic chemist
  • Pharmaceutical chemist
  • Theoretical chemist
  • Macromolecular scientist

Top Online chemistry degree school
Following are top ranked universities for associate, bachelors, masters and doctorate of chemistry degree online.

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