Online Fire Science Degree Courses

Fire Science Online Degree programs train candidates to help, control and manage emergency situations for example airplane crashes, building on fire, burning of flammable of substance in mass quantity – in short any kind of accident that requires extinguishing of fire in appropriate and efficient manner. The training of students is done by exposing them to simulated scenarios and then teach them how should they react to overcome the situation is shortest possible time.

Career Options for Fire Science Degree holder
  • Fire Science candidates has following different career options
  • Fire chief
  • Fire prevention specialists
  • Firefighter
  • Fire Safety Officer
  • Hazardous Materials Specialist
  • Facilitate civil engineers for designing safe buildings having all the measures of dealing with emergency situations.
  • Fire Protection Systems Designer
  • Emergency Planner
  • Sprinkler & Alarm System Installer
  • Building Code inspectors
  • Safety Engineering Technician
  • Insurance Property Appraiser

Career Opportunities for Fire Science Degree holder
Once the candidates accomplish their degrees from an accredited online firs science school, they can either join public service safety agencies or government safety organization.

Salary for Fire Science Degree Holder
Online fire and safety degree holder can earn from US $46,000 to US $80,000 per annual, depending upon experience and level of degree.

Top Online Schools for Firs Science degree programs
Following are a few of the accredited online schools which offer Associate, Bachelors and Masters Degree programs for fire and safety science (firefighting).

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