Tiffin University Online

Tiffin University, a private, co-educational institute and located in Tiffin, Ohio, United States was founded in 1888, andoffers professionally focused studentpersonal and practical education in a real-world experiences.

The university offers different degreesin various fields at undergraduate and graduate levels. Some of the popular courses among these listed majors include homeland security/terrorism; sports and recreation management; communication; and business management.

Tiffin University helps students gain easy access to competitive internship facilities through connecting them to skillful professionals in the real world as they enter the job market.


Tiffin University has a rich history of success. The University was established in 1888. Throughout the history the University has nurtured a supportive student-centered setting and a strong sense of real community for students, faculty and staff members.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the University is to provide students a quality, real world experienced, skilled, professionally focused, and learning-centered undergraduate and graduate degree programs and life-long learning opportunities to prepare students of all ages for successful careers, for productive and satisfying lives of excellence, profession, leadership and service. The University also motivates and develops the skill of working collaboratively with employers and specific professions to anticipate, design, and delivers effective academic programs that reflect evolving professional needs and intellectual requirements of both the presentand the future.

Tiffin University provides students a personal and practical education with the interest of motivating those students who want real-world experience and perfect results.

Tiffin University – Overview:

Established in 1888 as a private, co-educational institute Tiffin University is located in Tiffin, Ohio, United States. Tiffin University values its students by offering certain courses including homeland security/terrorism; sports and recreation management; communication; and business management.  Tiffin is a university that assists and educates students of all ages and of all backgrounds.

Tiffin University – Online:

To demonstrate its devotion towards education, Tiffin University has now opened a virtual online campus to teach those working adults and students who want to advance their degrees in any particularfield. Through the emerging resources of World Wide Web, a division of Tiffin University known as IVY Bridge College has been providing its services in the field of online education.


Tiffin University’s Degree Completion Programs are offered at the following regional campus locations:
  1. CincinnatiAcademic Center (BBA)
  2. Cincinnati State Technical and Community College (BCJ)
  3. Columbus State Community College (BCJ)
  4. Cuyahoga Community College– Eastern Campus (BBA)
  5. Cuyahoga Community College– Metropolitan Campus(BBA)
  6. Cuyahoga Community College– Western Campus (BCJ)
  7. Elyria Academic Center (BBA)  
  8. Terra Community College (BBA, BCJ)
  9. Toledo Academic Center (BBA, BCJ)
  10. Online Campus (BA, BBA, BCJ)

Program Listings:

1.    Bachelor
  • Bachelor of Business Administration: Organizational Management Degree Completion
  • Bachelor of Criminal Justice: Justice Administration Degree Completion
2.    Master
  • Master of Business Administration - General Management
  • Master of Business Administration - Health care Administration
  • Master of Business Administration - International Business
  • Master of Business Administration - Leadership
  • Master of Business Administration - Sports Management
  • Master of Education
  • Master of Humanities
  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice - Crime Analysis
  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice - Criminal Behavior
  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice - Homeland Security Administration
  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice - Justice Administration

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