Increasing Online Academic Trends

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The number of students enrolling into these distant learning centers has multiplied over the years. In the year 2002 the number of students enrolled in any such degree programs registered at around 1.1 million while in the year 2006, the numbers multiplied to around 12.2 million.  It is expected that the number will rise to an astonishing 22 million in the coming five years.  This will yield some adverse affects on the students who take on campus education and their number is likely to deteriorate considerably in the coming years keeping in view the availability of this option.

Enrollment At the Online Institutes

Research has predicted that majority of the people are moving forward with their academics via online schools rather than using the traditional system of classroom education. This can be said that the rate at which students numbers are growing is slower than them entering into online institutions.

A large number of people are joining these colleges and schools at the basic associate level, reflecting upon the fact that people are willing to utilize this opportunity to further their education by not placing much stress on their basic livelihood. With this there also is growth at the bachelors and the post graduate level, as per the research conducted by the Instructional Technology Council from the year 2007 to 2009 the enrollment at the distance education schools increased by 22 percent.

Tackling the growing demand

the demand for these online courses is also on the rise and colleges and schools are working hard on coping with this demand. The online institute registered and increase of 73% in existing programs they were offering online. All the community college lately have emphasized on the fact that online campus students are more likely to learn and incorporate more in an online class rather than on campus classes. The present colleges presently feel from the decrease in demand for their online campus by 54 % and now they largely see physical campuses as a barrier to the wide spread acceptance of the online schooling system.

Future Prospects

The future prospects of the online schools are immense and the Sloan Consortium believes that the demand will continue to soar by 69% in the coming years. The institutions need to work on the reservations of online learning and a dedicated in this regard will go down well with the employers. The online schools in the resent year recorded revenues increase from $16.7 billion to $23.8 billion. This in itself is a great achievement.

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