5 Fast Growing Careers That Pay the Most

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5 Fast Growing Careers That Pay the mostIn a competitive environment of modern world where recession has a great impact on the economy, students might hinge on a question: What career they should choose to earn the most? and what career will let them fulfill their dreams?

Regarding this concern of individuals, U.S department of education took some forward steps and did some research on the fastest growing careers that fit the most in modern economic situation.

Here is a closer look on 5 of those careers that will be in demand till 2016:

1. Networks Systems and Data Communications Analysts:

This course features the performance of number of tasks relating to data communications systems and internet including designing, analyzing, testing, and assessing the functionality of the systems and their performance. Analysts also lead computer programmers and work as specialists to handle the computer interfaces and equipment of communications.

Expected Salary: US $73,800 a year

2. Computer Software Engineers:   

As the modern world is known as the world of technology therefore, computer software engineering has become a demanding career these days. The course injects the knowledge of computer sciences and mathematical analysis in students and make them able to develop, design, test, and evaluate the software and system`s efficiency. Computer software engineers deal with Computer games, word processing, and operating systems.

Expected Salary: US $87,900 a year

3. Financial Analysts and Personal Financial Adviser:

The job of a financial adviser is to advise investors on investment strategies keeping the current economic situation in mind. Financial analyst course generally focuses on a specific industry, region, or type of product. People may hire a Personal financial adviser to assess an individual client assets, liabilities, cash flow, capitals, insurance coverage, tax status, interest received and financial objectives and advise them to develop sound and wise money making strategies.

Expected Salary: US $66,590 a year

4. Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors:

The expert of this area provides counseling and advice people on how to deal with problems they are suffering from For example, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling, mind distress, depression and eating disorders. Some of these counselors work at therapeutic communities where addicted people live and being treated.

Expected Salary: US $39,670 a year

5. Physical Therapist Assistants:

The course make individuals specialize in physically helping the victims of accidents and disabled people. The course teaches them how to improve patient`s mobility, relieve their pain, and prevent physical disabilities.

Expected Salary: US $46,300 a year

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