University of Notre Dame

Founded in 1842 by Rev. Edward F. Sorin, school`s first president, University of Notre Dame is a private research catholic institute located in Notre Dame, Indiana United States and has more than 8,000 undergraduate students residing in one of the 29 single-sex residence and 120,000 alumni all around the world. Princeton Review ranked the University at the fourth place among the best Universities in U.S. Enrolling a high number of students each year, The University currently has more than 47 percent of female students.

Today The University is divided into five colleges and one professional school, the oldest of which is the College of Arts and Letters which started awarding degrees in 1849. For 209 to 2010 years, U.S News & World Report ranked the undergraduate programs at the 20th place.  The university also offers 32 masters and 25 doctoral degrees in various demanding fields.

In addition to the Courses, The University also offers many rewarded and known extra curricular programs including from the best known Fighting Irish football team to swimming teams and rugby players.


The University was founded in 1842 merely by the Bishops on a condition that they will build a prestigious university in just two years. Soon the institute which began from an ordinary school availed its official college status from the Indiana General Assembly on January 15, 1844. The charter then officially named the University as University of Notre Dame du Lac. The university awarded its first degree in 1849. Developing through years, the university, by 1879 had grown its student residence to ten thousand at its main building. Growing more through history, by 1921 the University had developed five colleges including the College of Commerce and a professional law school. The university continued to expand and added new residence halls and buildings with every subsequent diversification of its programs.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the University is to cultivate its students to the best of their intellectual abilities and make them an appreciation for the great achievements. The university also contributes towards a disciplined and well organized educational and social life. The main aim of the university`s mission is to create a wise sense of human solidarity, respect and develop concern for the common good of learning and services of justice available to all. The University mainly focuses on the development of such knowledge found in the arts, sciences, professions, and all other various areas of human creativity.

Notre Dame University – Overview:

Notre Dame University was founded by Bishops in 1842 and offers 32 masters and 25 doctoral degrees in various demanding fields through its five colleges and one professional school. The University has more than 8,000 undergraduate students and was ranked fourth by Princeton Review.

Notre Dame University – Online:

University of Notre Dame is now offering its prestigious degree online through its virtual online campus. The main purpose of online education is to educate working adults and make them eligible for higher posts through its wide range of online educational programs.

Academic Centers:

  • Centre for Ethics Research
  • Gigot Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies
  • Fanning Center for Business Communication
  • Centre for Accounting Research & Education
  • Center for the Study of Financial Regulation


  1. Undergraduate Studies
  2. The Notre Dame MBA
  3. The Notre Dame Executive MBA
  4. Executive Education
  5. Master of Science in Accountancy
  6. Master of Non-Profit Administration
  7. Non-Profit Professional Development

Program Listings:

  1. Executive Certificate in Business Administration
  2. Executive Certificate in Negotiation
  3. Executive Certificate in Leadership & Management

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